You may have hours and hours of raw footage, but if it isn´t presented well, it will not be watchable. All the videos need to be edited together to get the best out of your footage. In order to edit well and convert the raw footage into a film, you must understand the narrative properly. You must have a firm grasp of the story and then, piece it together in a smooth-flowing, orderly and uniform fashion.

Now, if you don´t have the skillset to edit your videos, you can easily hire the services of our video editing professional to help you. However, if you want our editor to provide the results you are looking for, it is imperative for you to communicate with him/her properly. You have to make your requirements clear right from the beginning. Here are some things you need to talk about with your video editor.

How much raw footage do you have?

You have to discuss the amount of raw footage you have with your video editor and ensure that you don´t accidentally leave out footage. Why is it important to do this? Well, consider this situation–you get a draft video from the editor only to notice that the video is missing a shot of you sharing an intimate moment with your beau. You ask why that particular moment is missing in the video, only to realise later that you hadn´t sent all the footage you had in the first place. Now, wouldn´t this situation be troublesome for both you and the video editor?  

What kind of video is it?

What are you sending to the video editor? Is it a family video, wedding video or a corporate video? You must specify the genre of your video before sending the footage to your editor. If you specify the genre, it will make things much easier for the video editing company. In addition to that, we would also advise you to tell the video editor about your goals and objectives with your video. Would you like your viewers to sign up for a course? Or, would you like your viewers to purchase a product after watching the video? The entire edit should be focused on the purpose, goal, and objective of the video.

Who will watch the video?

Before sending out a video editing request, it is essential for you to identify your target audience. You must think about your audience and know what they would prefer watching. For instance, if you are making a video for your family and friends, you would want the video to be engaging, fun and emotional to watch, right? Meanwhile, if you are making a video for a job opening, you should draft the requirements accordingly. Your video editor must be well aware of who your viewers are.

Talk about the video editing style you prefer

Video editing is a form of art and it is very subjective. While some may prefer a particular style, others may hate that particular style completely. Hence, it is essential for you to let your video editor know about your preferences. You can send out a few examples of video edits you like to your editor to give him/her an idea about your preferences. Or better yet, if you identify other videos done by your editor that you like, you can point them out.

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