Are you planning to conduct classes online? Or, are your customers having a tough time using your products and services effectively? If you find yourself in those situations, what you need is a proper training video. Training doesn´t have to be dull and boring. If created properly, training videos can convey the important instructions successfully and can prove to be quite productive.

In order to get a visitor, student, or customer engaged in your training video, you will first have to grab his/her attention. But, how can you do that? How can you make your training videos effective? At Connected Influence that is where we work our magic. Here´s what we do;

You need to connect with your audience

It is of paramount importance for you to connect with your audience. You can do this by delivering the content in your video yourself. While creating the video, you should also aim to show that you understand and fit with your audience by using language appropriate for your target demographic. Therefore, there might be a need for you to adjust your speech. If you aim to train and educate, what you wear in your training video also matters a lot. You should wear outfits that match the expectations the audience would have of an individual in your position.

Preparing for your video

If you plan to teach and educate in your video, you will have to consider whether you will speak freely or from a script. If you decide to go with the script route, you will need to make it sound like a speech, and not like writing. And, if you want to go freely, you will need to practice to get the words right; your speech must sound natural and flow smoothly. It is also important for you to ensure that your speech is clean. You may want to avoid false starts and all of those “um” and “uh” as much as possible too.

Make sure that your video is short

When creating training videos, you should understand that less is more. Training videos should be short and not more than 20 minutes long. You will also need to plan your words properly so that you can be succinct. When speaking on your training video, you must speak slowly and articulate carefully.

Incorporate fun elements

You must be able to deliver your speech properly in your training video. Therefore, you have to vary the inflection in your voice as per required. Monotone will be the death of you in a training video. You should also attempt to use sufficient body movements and gestures while delivering your speech.

It is also equally essential for you to incorporate fun elements in your video. It won´t hurt if you crack a joke every now and then. After all, people, no matter the race, or age, all respond to entertaining, fun, elements, don´t they?