Top Places To Film In Edinburgh

If you are a burgeoning filmmaker, you must have already heard about the fantastic backdrop the city of Edinburgh provides. It wouldn´t be far-fetched to state that the city is truly a filmmaker´s dream. In fact, the city has provided the perfect backdrop and setting for a wide range of film productions including Trainspotting, Rebus and Hallam Foe, One Day, and Burke and Hare. Without further ado, let´s talk about the top places to film in Edinburgh.

Victoria Street

Victoria Street

Edinburgh is home to many beautiful streets. However, we believe that Victoria Street is the most colourful out of the lot. The street, which curves round from the Grass market on the lower level of the city up to the George IV Bridge and the Royal, has many colourful shops. And, with cobbled stones on the pavement and Edinburgh´s high old stone-built buildings towering the skies, the street truly provides a fantastic backdrop for a magical adventure. However, the street can be quite busy and it can be challenging to shoot it without people. So, good luck with that!

Arthur´s Seat

If you want a glorious, panoramic view of Edinburgh, you should definitely visit Arthur´s Seat. Standing 800 feet above sea level, Arthur´s Sea provides panoramic views of the sea and nearby sites too, including attractions like Scott Monument and the Edinburgh Castle. The spot could provide the perfect backdrop for your romantic storytelling. However, you should be aware that the uphill climb to the summit can be challenging to those who aren´t used to regular walking.

Calton Hill

Arthur´s Seat and Calton Hill form two of the Seven Hill on which the city of Edinburgh is built. From atop Calton Hill, you can view many striking monuments such as Nelson´s Monument, the National Monument, and the Robert Burns Monument. There´s a lookout area next to Nelson´s monument which provides fantastic views of the Crags, the Royal Mile, and Arthur´s Seat. For viewing sunsets, we would definitely recommend this particular lookout area. While there, you should also watch Princes Street fall into dusk. The long exposure shots of the traffic moving in the street make for a fantastic shot.

Princes Street Gardens

Located right down underneath Edinburgh Castle is the Princes Street Gardens. The enormous public park, as its name suggests, runs parallel to Princes Street and has many wonderful views for your lens to capture. The landscaped gardens in Princes Street Gardens are a sight for sore eyes and with the breath-taking Edinburgh Castle providing the centre point, the landscape can provide a wonderful backdrop for your film.

You can also film your scenes around the Ross Fountain. With the castle in the backdrop, the fountain provides a lovely piece of foreground. If you are planning to film a scene that captures the essence of New Year’s celebrations, you should definitely head to this place as it is one of the best places to watch the New Year´s fireworks.

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