The Shore, Leith

The Shore is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Edinburgh and even the entire Scotland. The shore as the name suggests is the shore of the mouth of the waters of Leith. The area is an upmarket area full of activity but before that it used to be industrial region in Edinburgh.

The Shore in Leith

The transformation to a more uptown area has seen a lot of restaurants, cafes, clubs and business come up in the region as it strives to be a tourist hub. The fact that The Shore is a coastal region makes it bust with activity as people from all over visit the area for different tourist activities and even to enjoy the food served at the area. It is known for delicious sea food.

Things to do at the Shore

Site seeing – even without any money in your pocket you can visit the shore and just marvel at the beauty the coastal region presents. There is also a lot of wildlife in the region like ducks and other sea animals. The region is also an architectural marvel with amazing buildings. A walk along the shore can be quite tranquil and relaxing.

Dining – the area is full of restaurants that serve different cuisines. If you love sea food then you will enjoy visiting most of the restaurants in the region. Some of the notable restaurants around the area include; the shore hotel, the ship on the shore, fishers, Mintleaf restaurant and so many others.

Night life – the shore isn’t without its fair share of night life. If you love visiting bars and clubs then you are taken care of at The Shore. There are even boats on the shore that have clubs in them. There are wonderful bars in the area with wide patios where you can sit and enjoy a drink as you marvel at the beauty outside.

Shopping – The Shore provides a good shopping experience for those that want to do some shopping. There are small souvenir and gift shops in the area. You can also shop at malls at the Shore and around it like Ocean Terminal, Waverley mall and Newkirkgate shopping center.

Sporting – you can also engage in some sports while at the area. For instance you could decide to go jogging while enjoying the breeze of the ocean. There are also clubs like the David Lloyd leisure club where you can enjoy some sporting activities. The club has a swimming pool, tennis courts, badminton courts, squash, and a gym. If you love to stay active and fit then you are taken care of while at the shore.

Riding – what better way to enjoy Scotland and more so the Shore than on a bike. A bike allows you to take in the scenery and really get to feel part of the community as you tour. You can take a guided bicycle tour of the area from the Tartan Bicycle Company for instance.

There are so many other activities that you could participate in and enjoy while at The Shore. Its now time to head back with the crew to where it all started, Edinburgh Zoo