Visiting The Scotch Whisky Experience

The Scotch whisky experience attraction is at Old Town along Royal mile. The Scotch Whisky
experience has been around for over 30 years. The center offers tours, tasting, tutoring about
whisky and other exciting experiences to the visitors. The center was opened back in 1988. The
center is located in what used to be Castle hill school.

Whisky Bottles Edinburgh

The school closed down in 1951 due to lack of students. After that the building was used for a
variety of purposes before it became the whisky center. The center was created from funds
given by 19 different whisky companies. The Scotch Whisky experience was previously called
the Scotch whisky heritage center. The center was built to showcase the history and
development of Scotch whisky.

Whisky was first distilled in Scotland hundreds of years ago. The art of distilling is thought to
have been brought to Scotland by the missionaries. Whisky distilling is mentioned to have taken
place in a private residence in 1614 but mentions of an owned distillery are made around 1690.
This first distillery was called the Ferintosh distillery and it was owned by Duncan Forbes. The
first Law to charge duty on whisky and other alcoholic drinks was passed in 1644. Since then
there have been many alterations on how much the duty should be.

Things to do
Try whisky – the Scotch whisky experience has two whisky bars that have over 450 different
types of whiskies that you can try out. Different whiskies taste differently depending on the raw
materials used whether malted barley, corn, rye or a blend of these materials, the time the
whisky has be left to mature and how you are enjoying it.

Whisky tasting – the center offers whisky tasting and blending sessions to groups of 10 people.
The tasting is done in different ways to help you identify the different types of malts available.
You could also make your own blend of whisky and bottle it to keep for as long as you want or
enjoy it later on.

Whisky school – at the whisky center you can also enjoy learning all about whisky in their one
day whisky tutoring school. Here you will be taken through the history of whisky to how it is
prepared. In Whisky making you will be taken through all the processes involved including
malting, mashing, fermentation, pot stills, distillation and spirit safe for the malt whisky. The
process differs for grain whisky and other types of whisky.

Shopping – there is a gift shop at the Experience where you can buy relevant gift items and
souvenirs. Some of the items available here include whisky flasks, rare bottles, limited bottles,
miniature whisky bottles and so much more.

Dining – there is a restaurant on site called the Amber rose restaurant where you can dine. The
restaurant serves Scottish cuisine and it has won many accolades over the years.
The collection of whisky – the experience has the Diageo Claive Vidiz whisky collection with
3,384 bottles of whisky.

This collection is really a true wonder to many people. It is breathtaking.
Claive Vidiz started collecting whisky in 1970 and after 35 years he had collected over 3500
bottles. This is the collection displayed at the center.

In our next trip we are going to film at the Edinburgh Castle