You must, by now, be fully aware of the power of video marketing. In a nutshell, video marketing helps put a face and personality to a name, helping your business build initial rapport and trust. Now, creating a striking promotional video that grabs the attention of the audience and pulls at their senses can be quite challenging to the uneducated.

However, if you do follow a proper guide, we will be able to create a promotional video that helps your brand stand out from the market. Without beating about the bush any further, here are the necessary steps to creating an impactful Connected Influence style promotional video.

How promotional videos work

It is of paramount importance for you to identify and understand your goals before you script out your video. Why do you want to create a video? Do you want to raise brand awareness? Perhaps, you are looking to drive sales and traffic? Do you want to increase customer engagement and educate your customers?

Choose a direction

After you identify and understand your goals, you will be able to choose a direction for your videos. You will be able to decide if you need to create a video that is more along the lines of “explanatory” or “introductory” in nature. You can also venture into other directions as well; for instance, the videos can be more product-focused, have an endorsement from influencers, have testimonials, use story elements etc. The options are endless.

Setting the tone of your video content

How would you like your video to make your audience feel? Would you like the content to be dramatic? Or, would you like it to be conversational? Are you considering to take the fun and playful route? Or, would you like your video to be straightforward and informative? You can also aim to be cute, quirky, entertaining, inspirational, and humorous with your video.

How long would you want your video to be?

You should now decide on the duration of the video. While doing this, you should bear in mind that the attention span of the people of today´s generation is not very long. Without using some type of time parameters, your video will end up looking unfocused.

  • Fifth step: Choosing the visual style

The visual style of your video can come to life in multiple, different ways. You can use real people to star in your video or use animated illustrations. You can also go for other visual styles such as B-roll footage, stock videos, live-action effects, screencast demonstration, whiteboard style etc.  

  • Sixth Step: Time to write the script

Do you have a loose idea for your video? If so, it is now time to start fleshing out the details. Of course, not all writers, directors, or creative directors have a particular way of writing scripts; they all differ in their approach. However, if you don’t have a general idea of how to write a script, you can refer to the countless “script templates” available online. Though they may seem pretentious, they can be pretty helpful to the untrained. After you are done with your script, it is now time to work with a designer, illustrator, or an artist to create visuals that go with your script.