National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland was formed in 2006 after a merger of two adjacent museums, the new museum of Scotland and the Royal museum. The two museums had different collections which makes the national museum of Scotland one of the most diverse museums in the region. The history of the museum can be dated back to 1861 when construction of one of the buildings of the two museums began.

However, recent renovations to the museum have seen addition of 16 new galleries with over 8000 items on display. In 2017, the National museum of Scotland received over two million visitors making it one of the favorite places to visit in Scotland. The National museum of Scotland is located in central Edinburgh.

Museum Of Scotland


There are many galleries at the museum that will take you through the history of man, fashion and design to the future technology all under one roof. Here are some notable galleries to visit.

Art fashion and design gallery – fashion did not start the other day. Different years have seen different fashion statements being made both successful and the not so successful ones. At the fashion and style gallery you are taken back through centuries of innovation in fashion and design.

At this gallery you can see work done by famous designers such as Alexander McQueen, Jean Muir and Pringle, Sandra Rhodes, and many others. Here you will also enjoy some of the most intriguing art objects like decorations, sculptures, art of living items like Hamilton palace fireplace wall or Emperor Napoleon’s tea service, and antiques like Picasso’s Capra.

Science and Technology galleries – at these galleries you can explore innovation made over the centuries in Scotland and all over the world. You will be taken through how technology has affected all aspects of life including transport, communication, health, engineering and medicine. At is at this galleries for instance that you will meet the celebrity sheep called Dolly.

Dolly is the first clonned mammal to be created from an adult cell. You will also enjoy seeing the history of aviation hanging from the ceiling. Other items on display here include; evolution of the bicycle, prosthetics, CERN’s LEP collider, the human hamster, Charles Peach microscope, Boulton & Watt engine and many others.

Natural World galleries – the museum displays a wide variety of animal forms that have existed on earth over millions of years including dinosaurs. You also get to see some of the animals facing extinction like giant pandas. Here you will get to learn how animals thrived or why they faced extinction.

Some of the things on display here are; Westlothiana lizziae, Congreve rolling ball clock, Schmidt telescope, tyrannosaurus Rex, Scottish wildcat, Numbat and many more.

Other galleries at the museum include the Scottish history and archeological galleries, world cultures gallery, and grand gallery.

Things to see

There are many things for you to marvel at, at the museum but some really stand out. One of those is the massive Millennium Clock. The clock has four sections, the crypt, the nave, the belfry and the spire. The watch provides a good history about clocks and the success and failures of clocks made along the way.

Another things you should not leave the museum without seeing are the miniature coffins. They were discovered 200 years ago on Arthur’s hills. The mystery behind this carved miniature coffins has never been unraveled. What do they represent? Who made them and his them in the cave? There are many other things at the National museum of Scotland that will leave you intrigued.

Now with CI lets head to the amazing  Arthur Seat.