Does Your Business Need Video?

There´s no denying the fact that your business requires your utmost attention at all times. If you don’t give your business the required care and attention, you will witness receding sales and declining profits. You should understand that someone, somewhere is always working tirelessly to ensure that his/her business outwins your business.

Now, in the digital era we live in, it is imperative for a business to maintain a strong online presence. And, if you want your business to be a ubiquitous figure on the web, it is essential to market your brand online through different mediums. You can opt to post blogs, pictures, or videos. Ask any expert around—they will tell you that the presence of a professional video online can tremendously improve your business in various different ways.

How effective is Video for Sales? 

Most prospects search for products and services online. Unfortunately, their attention span is not high. If they are not captivated from the get-go, they will turn their attention somewhere else. You should understand that first impressions do mean everything in business. And, since your business website is very often the first point of contact between your company and potential customers, you should do everything you can to retain the interests of your customers. Poorly made promotional videos will steer your potential customers the wrong way and you could end up losing their interest forever.  

Of course, it is entirely possible for you to create your own business video in order to save costs and time. However, this is nothing but false economy; you should understand that this decision of yours will backfire and cost you big time in the future. The consequences of such a decision can be destructive rather than beneficial. In the worst cases, the video can end up damaging your image and reputation beyond repair. We highly believe that it is in your best interest to hire the services of a professional firm to create your video. After all, successful promotional videos cannot be produced in a day. They can only be created after hours and hours of careful planning, consideration, creation, video editing, and activation, from a film company with clear objectives and a comprehensive understanding of the current digital landscape.

Why Video?

It doesn´t matter if your business is in the initial stages or if it is churning out bucket loads of profits. In today´s digital age, all businesses require video marketing. In fact, reliable reports point out that videos can lead directly to sales; studies show that 75% of the users who watch an explainer-video about a product subsequently buy that product. There are other statistics that state that the presence of a product video on the landing page of your website can increase conversions by 80%. What do these statistics tell us? Well, they tell us that videos provide a great return on investment. And, even though video production can cost you a pretty penny, it manages to pay off big time too!

A video truly does make everything easier. Now, for a business to succeed, it must be deemed trustworthy by the customers. Therefore, if a business is to experience increased conversions and sales, it must be trusted. However, the process of building trust is easier said than done. Fortunately, a video can help expedite the process. You can easily captivate the interest of the customers by providing them with interesting and useful information. So, instead of selling goods and services, you can let the people come to you. When videos are presented and marketed in a conversational form, they create a sense of individual approach, which, in turn, gives the customers the confidence to purchase online.

As we stated earlier, it is of paramount importance for you to maintain a strong online presence. If you want your business website to rank high on Google search engine results, you must have a video embedded on your website. In fact, according to statistics, you are 53 times more likely to rank high on Google search engine results if you have a video on your site. Visitors end up spending more time on sites that have videos. And, when these customers and visitors are exposed to your website for long periods, it helps build trust and signals search engines that your site has excellent content.

Now, what makes video content truly great is the fact that it is capable of engaging even the laziest of buyers. After all, it is super easy to consume and doesn’t require having to read long product descriptions.

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