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So you’re looking for an amazing video?

At Connected Influence we are known for making pretty epic videos but we are even better at getting your content seen and heard by the people you want to influence.

In the ‘social world’ we live in, brands need to have content that connects with their audience. Social video is content that inspires, entertains, informs and most of all makes people engage.

Based in the heart of Edinburgh we focus on video production with a marketing twist to increases our clients chances of success.

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Our Video Team is Second to None

Connected Influence excels at producing high-quality content, you can be assured of a desirable result. Our professional team will take your inputs into consideration, pay attention to the demands of your sector, and then, create a video that aligns with your personal business goals. It isn’t easy to create a corporate video; however, a professional video production team will boast of team members that work together like a well-oiled machine, ensuring that your investment doesn´t go to waste.

The video engineers of the video production team will also give you their two cents worth on the most practical ideas and effective methods.

Of course, you can easily get a company employee to create a video content. But, what are the chances that he/she can don the hat of a director, editor, and a producer too? A video production team consists of experts who excel in specific fields.

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